Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got a question?

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to the STARS group at Iowa State University this afternoon. My topic was to talk a bit about what high school students and their families may be thinking as they come on a campus tour. I did leave some time for the students to ask me any questions as well. I was amazed at the insightful questions they were asking me. Many of their questions were about how I maximized my time as a student, my favorite experiences, and just general advice. This got me thinking more about how blessed I have been with people answering my questions over the years and how too few people ask the right people the right questions.

No matter what stage in your life, seeking advice from someone with more experience than you have in a subject area is an excellent way to gain knowledge and build connections with others. OR, not being afraid to ask a question of someone can be very valuable or just provide insight.

I find myself trying to ask questions of people more often wherever I go. It may be picking the brain of a barista at a coffee shop about how their machine works, asking another father tips on parenting, or any other random thing. I encourage you to not be afraid to ask those around you questions about'll be surprised what you may learn or what connection you may make.

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