Tuesday, March 2, 2010

High School In the Spring

Spring is always an exciting time. It has a sense of newness to it and is usually pretty welcomed after the sometimes long winter months. For high school students, especially Seniors, it is a very exciting time. I can remember the excitement of prom, awards ceremonies, senior send offs and lots of other fun things like that.

With this sense of closure and celebration comes the thoughts of....COLLEGE! It is OFFICIALLY time to start getting excited for the transition to college. If you haven't already, be sure you are getting all your applications done if not already (admissions, campus housing, scholarships, etc). You may even take another visit to the campus you are planning on attending. Start picturing yourself there only a few short months from now. Excited yet?

Balancing all of these emotions can be tough. Some classmates may be really attached to the relationships and anything else associated with high school. While others may be ready to move on. My advice....do both! Enjoy the time with your friends and close out your high school career strong...and it's ok to be excited for the next stage of life as well. And be sure to keep track of how many time you hear the following song this spring. :)

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