Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got a question?

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to the STARS group at Iowa State University this afternoon. My topic was to talk a bit about what high school students and their families may be thinking as they come on a campus tour. I did leave some time for the students to ask me any questions as well. I was amazed at the insightful questions they were asking me. Many of their questions were about how I maximized my time as a student, my favorite experiences, and just general advice. This got me thinking more about how blessed I have been with people answering my questions over the years and how too few people ask the right people the right questions.

No matter what stage in your life, seeking advice from someone with more experience than you have in a subject area is an excellent way to gain knowledge and build connections with others. OR, not being afraid to ask a question of someone can be very valuable or just provide insight.

I find myself trying to ask questions of people more often wherever I go. It may be picking the brain of a barista at a coffee shop about how their machine works, asking another father tips on parenting, or any other random thing. I encourage you to not be afraid to ask those around you questions about'll be surprised what you may learn or what connection you may make.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Android Time

Do you have an Android phone? If so, be sure to download our NEW and FREE application. There are college tips, awkward moments, and a game. Check out our mobile website for more info.


Whew, where did the first semester go? Wherever it went, here we are in the Spring Semester already. Sorry for not keeping up with posts like we should. Maybe it's our resolution to do better? Feel free to email if you ever have a topic you want us to cover!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Move in time!

For many, this is the big week....move in week! Up to this point, college has been something that will happen "later." Sure, you got a dose of it on a campus tour and at orientation, but the rubber really hits the road soon.

Remember, pack a little patience as you prepare for the move. There are going to be A LOT of others going through what you're going through, it'll probably be hot, and you can't assure everything will go as planned. Through all of that, remember what a big day it is and enjoy it!

To further assist you, be sure to check out our free "pre-move" chapter on our website.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hometown Author

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to head back to my hometown to visit family and take part in our annual town celebration. It was great seeing lots of friends from the past. A special shout out to my pal Monte who said this fall he's going to sell our book at his tattoo shop by Wartburg College. An advanced "thank you" to Monte for his continued support.

I also had the pleasure of running into Jason Myers, a friend who I went to high school with back in the day. A couple years ago I had reconnected with Jason and learned he had moved out to San Fransisco and had a book deal in the works. Since then, Jason has published two books (Exit Here and The Mission) through Simon and Schuster publishing. When we first started looking at publishing options, Jason gave me some great advice. This weekend was no different. It has been great to see him continue to see such great success with his books. Check his books out for sure....I know these are just the first of many more books he'll put out there. Congrats, Jason, on your success!

One last thing...if you do find yourself near my hometown of La Porte City, IA, be sure to check out my dad's store/museum. Very interesting items AND you can pick up The Voice of College there.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cold is always safe!

The other day while helping with an orientation session, a family member said one of their biggest fears was their son's ability to do the simple things in laundry. Most of the crowd laughed at that, but it got me thinking back to my first year of college.

If I remember correctly, I made a quick trip home for the Labor Day weekend and all my dirty laundry came with me, so I avoided doing my own laundry for a bit. A week or two later, the moment arrived....I had a big old mesh bag full of clothes and I headed down to the laundry room. Luckily, my roommate gave me the advice of, "If you wash it in cold, you'll be safe." That was all I needed to know....and to this day I still follow that advice.

Sometimes the littlest new things in college can be the scariest, but there are plenty of people around to help out. Best of luck with all of your new adventures!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

High School In the Spring

Spring is always an exciting time. It has a sense of newness to it and is usually pretty welcomed after the sometimes long winter months. For high school students, especially Seniors, it is a very exciting time. I can remember the excitement of prom, awards ceremonies, senior send offs and lots of other fun things like that.

With this sense of closure and celebration comes the thoughts of....COLLEGE! It is OFFICIALLY time to start getting excited for the transition to college. If you haven't already, be sure you are getting all your applications done if not already (admissions, campus housing, scholarships, etc). You may even take another visit to the campus you are planning on attending. Start picturing yourself there only a few short months from now. Excited yet?

Balancing all of these emotions can be tough. Some classmates may be really attached to the relationships and anything else associated with high school. While others may be ready to move on. My both! Enjoy the time with your friends and close out your high school career strong...and it's ok to be excited for the next stage of life as well. And be sure to keep track of how many time you hear the following song this spring. :)